We are Grateful and Appreciative to have received the BEST Reviews RATED #1 on YELP. We offer Interior Design Consulting in Las Vegas and Feng Shui Services Worldwide. To VIEW wholesale furnishings, Zen Inspired Decor, and our affordable Feng Shui Products Store just Click HERE. Consulting packages are offered for Feng Shui and Interior Design onsite in Las Vegas or virtually to our clients worldwide through mobile video tour of your space. All you need is a cell phone to do a virtual consult. It is very easy for us to analyze surrounding topography with Google Earth and see the inside of a space through Facebook, WhatsApp and SKYPE mobile video tours while using a mobile device. After touring your space we put together a detailed report and help you pick out the correct colors, find discounted furnishings and/or decor to enhance your space in accordance with your overall goals. We offer continued support with all our Feng Shui packages or any Interior Design package purchased to help you find the correct items and guide you on best placement to ensure your improvements are done correctly so you experience the best overall results.

If you are trying to find the Best Las Vegas Feng Shui Expert or Holistic Interior Design Specialist for your home or office you have come to the right place. Are you looking to hire an Interior Design Expert in Las Vegas to provide you with guidance on finding new furnishings or decor at the best possible price? Do you just need Interior Design help or Feng Shui advice before starting a redesign project? Want a floor plan evaluated  by a Feng Shui professional online before you build or buy a new home? Are you wanting expert advice from a Feng Shui Consultant before you purchase an existing home? Would you like to hire a local Las Vegas Interior Decorator by the hour to help arrange your new space, decor and furnishings that you just moved in to? Looking for a professional wall color consultation in Las Vegas to ensure you pick out the best wall colors for your home or office? Do you need a Home Feng Shui Consultation(click here) because the energy in your space does not feel right? Are you looking to get your home professionally staged to sell quickly and for the best possible price and terms?

We can help you with ALL of these service requests! Services are available online worldwide and onsite in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Centennial Hills, Aliante and Henderson areas. Feng Shui Las Vegas offers affordable  Holistic Interior Design Consulting packages and Feng Shui Consulting worldwide CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON PACKAGES OFFERED.

Design Balanced Meaningful Environments
that Encourage
Positive Change,
Enhance Well-Being and Harmonious Living. 

feng shui expert in las vegas

Feng Shui Las Vegas specializes in Holistic Interior Design, Decorating and Feng Shui in the Las Vegas area. Offering free online Feng Shui and Holistic Interior Design home and office tips and the best Feng Shui products. Feng Shui Las Vegas has made available “The Secret of Feng Shui Living” ebook. It has been a popular Feng Shui book for many who wish to learn more about Feng Shui. This insightful Feng Shui book shows you how to  tie in Feng Shui practices with the law of attraction, further encouraging the manifestation process.

Feng Shui is pronounced “fung shway” which is “Wind Water” in Chinese. There are many schools and approaches in the Feng Shui field so it is often confusing for many people. Feng Shui concerning your home or office’s interior is about designing your environment to greatly enhance your success and well-being. Prosperity and feeling good is directly related to the energy in your environment. Positive environments and surroundings help to create more positive futures.

Feng Shui Las Vegas offers free Holistic interior design tips, Free Feng Shui Tips, holistic interior design, Feng Shui for your office, Feng Shui for your home, a interior design wall color consult or home staging in  the Las Vegas area. Feng Shui Las Vegas is your best resource for cutting edge Feng Shui and Holistic Interior design services and offers Online Consulting to clients worldwide for any Interior Design or Feng Shui Service.  Our environments  have a tremendous effect on our health and stress levels and should be optimized to support our overall well being to live optimally.  

Rochiel Wallers is our Expert in Feng Shui and the Holistic Interior Design Specialist at Feng Shui Las Vegas.com. Since founding her business in 2005 she has worked with great success with several Fortune 500 Companies, including Hilton Hotels, Worldwide Interior Design Firms, Adviser to Major Marketing Companies consulting on Logo Design and Webdesign Layouts, New Home Builders  and is a Trusted Adviser to numerous Business Offices, Architects and Residential clients in the Las Vegas area and Worldwide; whom she has consistently delivered GREAT RESULTS !

GET STARTED on designing your environment to support OPTIMAL HEALTH, SUCCESS AND WELL-BEING TODAY!  Contact us today and achieve your Interior Design goals in your business or home. If you can email or text images of your space we can easily help you!  Our services are available to clients worldwide. Video viewing of your space is very easy through Facebook, WhatsApp and SKYPE video chat.

SKYPE CLIENT BRIANA HULL “Rochiel is AMAZING!!  Seeing as we are located in Idaho; we did a Skype Consultation. It was just like she was walking thru our home with us.  Rochiel was extremely detailed and thorough as we covered every inch. Whether you are located in Las Vegas or located in another state or country, Don’t look any further; Rochiel is the BEST Feng Shui Consultant on the PLANET!”