Maybe you have came to this page cause your just starting to learn about Feng Shui and want to learn more about the  five elements. The five elements in Fengfive elements in feng shui Shui are water, wood, fire, earth,and metal. The proper balancing and placement of the five elements is one tool used in Feng Shui. When learning about Feng Shui and how it can be applied to your space it is first very important to understand the fundamentals of the five elements. The elements are a way to define colors, shapes, materials, sounds, smells and textures in an environment. The interaction of the five elements is an important tool to recognize and understand properly. The five elements are represented in nature and take on certain forms and characteristics. Each element should be present and balanced in a space properly to promote the feelings of abundance, connection, harmony and happiness.

Feel free to browse on my website and explore more about the five elements by clicking on a particular tab that displays the names of the element you are curious about. This could be  FIRE, WOOD, WATER, METAL or EARTH. Read about the five elements and get a clearer understanding about what an element looks like, feels like, how to add it to a space and what other elements will support its purpose and intent. It is important when choosing colors, shapes, objects or materials that represent a particular element ask yourself what your goal is and what you wish most to experience or communicate to others in that space. I often go into a client’s home and notice right away there is an element missing. This often correlates with something that is also currently lacking in their life. I always recommend you seek the professional guidance of a qualified Feng Shui practitioner before making any significant changes to your home’s design or decor for optimal success.




YELP Client Testimonial from DR. SHAAN KUMAR in LAS VEGAS, NV

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She works for her passion which is the art and science of helping others live happily. I totally believe in the energy system and the flow of energy in your life. We need to connect and sync with the Universe in order for you live your life with joy, wealth and abundance. I am positive Rochiel can help you achieve your dream by bringing all the natural elements that supports your thoughts and actions cause it worked and still works for me. In a nutshell, she’s an “Energy Doctor” who can make your life colorful no matter what it is – career, family, health and wealth areas.”