Free Tips on EMF’s in your environment and what YOU can do.

So where are the EMF’s in your environment? They can be just about anywhere and unfortunately with our current day growing technical world we are being exposed to more EMF’s in our home and work environments than ever before. I consult worldwide as a Holistic Interior Design Expert and Certified Feng Shui Consultant and have seen the many effects of high EMF’s in environments over the years. I wanted to take some time today to share with you a few common problems I often come across concerning EMF’s in a living environment and offer some solutions to help. When working at a computer, or watching television you are being exposed to electromagnetic frequency vibrations 20 times higher than your own brainwaves. Every piece of electronic equipment in your home or office has an Electromagnetic Field (EMF). Most of us spend our days surrounded by electronic equipment.  High EMF exposure is said to be linked to increased anxiety, memory loss, sleep interruptions, brain fog, headaches, depression, fatigue, increased accumulation of free radicals in the body and can also weaken the immune system.

Last month I consulted for a couple in their 30’s here in the Las Vegas area. The entire family, including pets, were all experiencing major health issues. I was brought into assess the property to see if I could determine what maybe wrong. When I took my EMF detector through their home I discovered that the EMF readings were unbelievably high in every single room of their home, as well as outside their home. Once I walked outside in their backyard the mystery was solved. They had a very large electrical power plant right smack next to their home. I explained to them all environments have EMF’s with certain electrical equipment, such as microwaves, computers, digital clocks and the main power outlet box, but it is not normal to have extremely high EMF readings in every single room of home, which was one problem I immediately identified.

There are different products used to decrease the effects of high electromagnetic fields (EMF’S) in a space such as Orgone/Organite,  Black Tourmaline for protection, Selenite Crystals , Shungite, and Salt Lamps.  You can click on any product name I posted in bold letters above to read additional reviews and the benefits these products provide in reducing the effects of EMF’s.

It is my professional opinion it is best to be educated and know where the high EMF places are in your UNIQUE space and simply AVOID sitting, sleeping or working next to a WiFi router, an electrical power box, or you can even easily turn off your cell phone at night or put in on airplane mode which will effectively stop the radio transmissions near your bed. These actions are free and are the most appropriate precautions to first take,  as most EMF reducing products will not 100% guard you against all EMF’s in high EMF output areas.

If you don’t have the funds to hire a professional to come out and assess your home or work environment for EMF’s test your own environment yourself.

Although EMF’s are found in all dwellings that have electrical wiring it is important to know where the high output EMF areas are in your unique space to properly protect yourself. Once you have determined where these high output areas are position your most used furnishings where you will not be sleeping, working or simply lounging out near a high EMF output area as a proper health precaution.

View informative videos on the effects of EMF’s and 5G and learn why you should be proactive about protecting yourself.

Find out where your high EMF areas are in your office or home by buying your own Gauss meter to TEST your own environment. ORDER YOUR OWN EMF DETECTOR HERE.

Feel Free to read a  90 PAGE RESEARCH ARTICLE on the concerns of 5G and EMF’s  in an environment to further educate yourself on the impacts of EMF’s BY CLICKING HERE.

The stone Shungite is also used by many to help lessen the impact of EMF ‘s. Here are a few listed Shungite products if you have a preference for this stone.

Black Tourmaline is used in many products worldwide to lessen the negative impact of EMF’s.
You can read more on Black Tourmaline’s protective qualities  HERE.

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