Today I wanted to share with my clients how to use salt cures in Feng Shui for the bad annual stars.

The bad annual energies shift every year in Feng Shui. The one most Feng Shui practitioners dislike the most is the annual star five. The annual star 5, also called the misfortune star, is in the SOUTHEAST in 2021. The annual star 2 is also a bad earth energy, it is also known as the sickness star, and annual 2 is in the NORTH in 2021.

Many people like to use use salt water cures in Feng Shui for these afflicted areas to help to calm these negative earth influences. While other people find that salt cures are sometimes too messy and prefer to use other cures in their space. YOU CAN VIEW OPTIONAL METAL CURES HERE FOR ANNUAL 5 AND 2.  You need to do what gets you the results you seek and what feels right to you personally in your space. Some client also use salt cures to mitigate annual 7 if you are doing so only use the salt cure do not add any  additional copper coins for an annual 7 cure. You also need to take into consideration the natal stars of your dwelling before any annual cure is put in place.

In Classical School Feng Shui the annual stars change position every year so make sure you are using the correct knowledge for the cycle you are currently in.

When doing your salt cures it is typically recommended to fill glass or jar up with 3/4  full of course sea salt then add then add hot water into your jar or glass. Make sure water remains in the jar the entire year so watch that the water level does not dry completely up. When the year is done then put a glove on and throw the entire container out in trash before the next Chinese New Year. Never reuse the coins or jars done for any salt cure.

For those whom do not have Chinese coins on hand (you can buy Chinese coins here) you can also use 6 copper pennies. Know that most copper pennies, both American as well as Canadian pennies, will have less copper content the newer they are. You can easily google this fact on copper content in pennies to find out more. The older pennies will contain the most amounts of copper, so if you have old pennies try and utilize them first for your salt cure.

Copper is one of the preferred metals used to fight against the negative effects of the bad annual earth energies in Feng Shui. You will want to use 6 metal coins that contain the most copper you can find or some people use 6 circular copper washers  in their salt cures.

Circles are used for protection purposed  in many metaphysical practices and circle shapes and coins represent the metal element in Feng Shui. The number 6 in Feng Shui represents metal and the metal element is used  specifically to weaken the bad earth effects in a space. The reason metal is often used to weaken earth is because when metal is extracted from the earth, such as mining, it reduces or weakens earth from an elemental stand point.

As with any application you should do what most resonates with you and your sacred customs in your own space. There are a variety of different ways to combat bad energies in a space and salt cures are just one of the many ways.

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