Black Tourmaline comes from the earth and is considered by many to be a protective earth element. Black Tourmaline is known throughout many cultures as a powerful protective stone. It can be placed in an environment, carried on oneself or worn in  jewelry form for added protection against negative influences.

Black tourmaline, which is also known by the name Schori,  is used by many different healing and spiritual modalities all over the world.

One of Black Tourmaline’s distinguishing properties is its ability to become electrically charged. You can electrically charge Black Tourmaline by simply heating it or rubbing it. When Black Tourmaline is charged, one end becomes positive and the other negative, allowing it to attract, or repel, particles such as dust. Pyroelectricity (which means can be induced from heat) or piezoelectricity (which means can be induced from pressure or rubbing) was a well-known fact of black tourmaline by Dutch traders in the 1700’s who used the stone Black Tourmaline to remove ash (debris) from their Meerschaum pipes.

Black tourmaline has been used since ancient times by Shamans and healers for protection.  Today this stone is still known as a top talisman of protection,  it is said that Black Toumaline helps to create a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, and/or destructive forces. Although Feng Shui is NOT a religion, Black Tourmaline can be effectively used as a part of your Feng Shui remedies and is used as a key component today in many different products to guard against radiation and environmental pollutants. It can be highly useful in purifying and neutralizing one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts, and turning them into positive, usable energy. Black Tourmaline is considered by many worldwide to protect and heal on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.  Black Tourmaline can also be used in your Feng Shui remedies, if you find this earth element resonates with you.

In Western BTB Feng Shui the areas that can be enhanced by additional earth elements (crystals) are the Love and Relationship area (far back right of a space), the Wisdom and Knowledge area (the front left of a space) and the general center which is the Health area in Western BTB Feng Shui. Classical School Feng Shui will primarily look at not only the compass directions but also take into account the spaces natal chart to determine the best areas to add more earth elements for balance. You can read more about the different schools of Feng Shui HERE.

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When you look at many of the different EMF reducing products online (EMF is electromotive force or electrical intensity or pressure ) you will see they often use or contain black tourmaline. READ MORE ON EMF RADIATION IN A HOME OR OFFICE ENVIRONMENT HERE.   Black Tourmaline is known for it’s grounding and EMF reducing effects and it is found in products such as Orgone or Orgonite as well as most ANTI radiation protective pendants or blockers. It is my professional opinion it is best to be educated and know exactly where the high EMF areas are in your unique space and AVOID sitting, sleeping or working next to areas where there is a WiFi router, an electrical power box, or you can simply turn OFF your cell phone at night or put in on airplane mode when you are not using it which will effectively stop it’s radio transmissions if you keep your cell phone by your bed while sleeping. These actions are FREE and the most appropriate precautions to first take, as most EMF reducing products will not 100% guard you against all EMF’s if you are in a very high EMF output area.

View informative videos on the effects of EMF’s and 5G and learn why you should be proactive about protecting yourself.

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Black Tourmaline has also been said to have healing benefits because of its ability to release negative ions (which are healthy ions for you much like what salt lamps emit) and these ions are beneficial to human health.

Because the Black Tourmaline stone is associated with protection, grounding, health, happiness, luck, and positivity. Some find it beneficial to grid a troubled room’s 4 corners with Black Tourmaline . It is said that Black Tourmaline becomes a protection powerhouse when combined with either Quartz or SeleniteIf you are using Black Tourmaline for gridding purposes these two stones combined with Black Tourmaline are said help to amplify Black Tourmaline’s positive protective effects.  Some also find it to be beneficial to grid an entire home or buildings’ outside 4 corners using the protective qualities of Black Tourmaline to form a protective grid around the outside of the dwelling.


Another way you can also use Black Tourmaline is at your home’s main entrance for protection.  You can use Black Tourmaline  very indiscreetly by placing these crystals in a planter pot on top of a plants soil that sits on either the side of a homes front door. You can also sit two Black Tourmaline stones or Black Tourmaline spheres ( 360 degrees of output) on the ground on either side of  your door if you do not happen to have planter pots by your main entry door. This application is especially helpful for those whom prefer not to use Chinese looking objects in their homes’ Feng Shui, such as a pair of Chinese Foo Dogs , and prefer their  enhancers  or remedies for protection to be more visually discreet.

Here is a few short videos on the benefits of black tourmaline.

I personally always enjoy having the protective qualities of Black Tourmaline wherever I may go throughout the day as I consult in different homes and buildings all over the world. I have found easy ways to carry  Black Tourmaline with me and have found it to be an essential and  beneficial stone in my practice.

You can find many stylish jewelry items that contain Black Tourmaline which can be worn with ease indiscreetly,  such as a pair of earrings, necklace or bracelet.

You can even carry it with you as a decorative key chain or hang a Black Tourmaline Pendant(BUY HERE) on the rear view mirror of your car.   Many people such as Doctors, Nurses or healing practitioners that work with sick or mentally ill patients have found this is an indispensable stone to carry with them throughout the day in their workplace.

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It is important, as it is with any application, that you choose a shape and form that most resonates with you and your scared customs.

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