You maybe one of my Feng Shui Mobile video chat clients or you maybe searching for an online Feng Shui consultation for yourself or a loved one as a gift and you have found this page. This page was written to help you to get started in the right direction before the mobile video tour of the space is done.

It is important to understand how to accurately take a compass reading for Feng Shui purposes. There are many misconceptions about how to take an accurate Feng Shui compass reading.  Some Feng Shui Schools say a Luopan Feng Shui Compas must always be used. You can BUY A Luopan Compass HERE  Others will say using a good hiking compass, which you can BUY HERE,  is sufficient. There are also many people  out there that will simply use a phone app to determine the compass directions and readings.

First and foremost a cell phone phone app does not tend to be the most reliable. A cell phone is a electronic device and I have personally seen different types of cell phone app compass readings OFF as much 10 degrees or more. This can  make a huge difference as far as which natal chart will be evaluated concerning any structure in Classical School Feng Shui. I  prefer my clients at the very least use  a good hiking compass  to read the compass directions.  A good hiking compass is not very expensive to buy online while a Luopan compass can be very expensive to buy and you should also be trained in how to properly use a Luopan compass by a Feng Shui School.

When I offer to a client a remote mobile video Feng Shui consultation or a virtual online Feng Shui Consultation these consultations can be just as accurate as me being with you onsite. You only need to hand sketch out your floor plan on a piece of paper or send me the actual blueprint of your floor plan if you have one via email to or text it to me directly to 702-354-6809. Make sure you clearly write the compass readings on your floor plan. All clients must include the actual exact degree of the front door while looking out. Review the two images below of what should be included and sent.

Here are two visual examples of floorplans sent to me by past online Feng Shui clients. The floor plans they sent clearly show  the compass readings which are denoted on floor plan as well as the actual compass degree looking out the front door. These calculations are essential to have before we are able to perform the inside video tour of the space. Video tours can be performed via WhatsApp, Facebook or SKYPE through your cell device to view the more intricate details of the inside of your space.

It is important the client take an accurate reading with exact degrees of the front door looking outward whether it be a business consult or a residential consult. A good Feng Shui Luopan can be pricey, but if you own one by all the means use it. I always recommend if you own a Feng Shui Luopan that you also double check and take another reading with a highly rated sporting goods compass to check accuracy.  A hiking compass can be easily purchased in a local sporting goods store or you can purchase a sporting goods compass or a hand military compass online. I have included online products below for your ease of purchasing to get you started.

Always double check the actual degrees of  your compass looking out the front door. Sometimes Feng Shui LuoPan compass needles are calibrated wrong or the needle’s calibration can be thrown off accidentally. This is true as well for any compass so it is a best practice to always double check your compass readings if you happen to have two compasses on hand.

Here is a helpful video posted by another Feng Shui consultant that gives a good visual of how to best take your compass reading. Metal and electronics near by you or on you can throw off your compass readings so make sure to not have cellphones, watches or metal jewelry on you to get the most accurate compass reading no matter whatever compass you use.

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ONLINE CONSULTATIONS START AS LOW AS $299 for  homes  under 1500 sq feet

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Here is what you will receive with Your Online Home Feng Shui Consultation:

Online Feng Shui Consultation Includes The Following:

  1. You will receive Feng Shui Support Handbook to start you in the right direction with your redesign project.
  2. Your individual KUA analysis with be done showing you your most auspicious Feng Shui KUA directions to have your home’s front door. If your home’s front door does not face an auspicious direction you will be provided remedies.
  3. The goals you would like to achieve in your life, home or office will be addressed during your Feng Shui consultation. Solutions will be provided to help you achieve these desired benefits or personal goals.
  4. You will be emailed a personalized Bagua report on your home’s unique floor plan.
  5. Recommendations will be provided to enhance the Bagua areas of your space you would like to see improvement in that are important to you specifically. The Feng Shui Bagua is an energetic map of the nine different aspects of life. A Bagua is used to identify the problem areas in a space or simply locate areas  you would like to improve.
  6. A detailed evaluation to enhance the rooms that have the most impact on you in your space will be discussed.
  7. Recommendations will be provided to balance the current elements in your space that will best help to support your overall goals.
  8. An evaluation is done on the colors and lighting in your space. Recommendations will be provided based on current color therapy and lighting research supported by Harvard studies and Military research. Current wall colors will be assessed and if needed paint codes will be provided  for proper enhancement or balance of a space.
  9. Solutions will be provided to decrease stress and organize clutter to allow for better flow.
  10. An evaluation is done on  your current artwork and the symbolism present in your spaces decor. Remedies will be recommended if a conflict is identified.
  11. An evaluation on your home’s main entrance is done to ensure there are no negative influences.
  12. An evaluation is done on your furniture arrangements and suggestions will be given to create the most harmonious flow.
  13. Recommendations are given on how  best protect your health around the identified high EMF trouble areas in your space, for my mobile video chat clients I will share with you how to identify high EMF areas. READ MORE ON EMF IMPACTS WITH IN A SPACE HERE.
  14. You will receive 90 days of unlimited e-mail and text support with all home packages while working through the recommended changes.

An ONLINE Home Feng Shui Consultation Package includes 90 days of support for homes under 1500 sq feet for only $299. Homes larger than 1500 square feet are charged at a higher rate.

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